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Traditional Tube Fitting


Olympia Scaffolding specialises in the installation of traditional tube fitting scaffolding for a diverse range of construction projects in residential and commercial properties. While the industry has seen the rise of more modern scaffolding alternatives like cuplock, ringlock, and kwik stage, traditional tube fitting scaffolding continues to have its place. This method involves scaffold tubes, boards, and fittings, and unlike modern alternatives, it is not prefabricated. For more details and to determine if traditional tube fitting scaffolding suits your project, contact us today by calling or using our online contact form.

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What Is Tube Fitting Scaffolding?

Tube and fitting scaffolding utilise boards, fittings, and scaffold tubes to create a robust structure and a safe work platform for tradesmen. This type of scaffolding is commonly employed when buildings present challenges for creating bespoke scaffolding. Because it is not prefabricated, tube fitting scaffolding offers increased flexibility for different building structures. Although not as trendy as modern alternatives, tube fitting scaffolding stands the test of time and can be highly effective for various scaffolding needs. If you seek a highly adaptable scaffolding system, this traditional option may be ideal for your project.

Benefits of Tube Fitting Scaffolding

While tube fitting scaffolding may be considered an old-school method, it is still widely used and safely delivered and installed by Olympia Scaffolding. This approach has been a longstanding method with applications in large, complex building sites and cramped, awkward spaces. It is highly responsive and versatile, and the quality of materials, such as strong yet lightweight aluminum tubes, ensures a sturdy approach across scaffolding applications.

Why Choose Olympia Scaffolding?

Olympia Scaffolding stands at the forefront of the UK’s leading scaffolding companies, providing exemplary skills with the highest levels of professionalism. For trustworthy scaffolding and a personalised approach, consult our experts today.

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