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Temporary Roofs & Tin Hats

We cover the Basingstoke, Guildford and Greater London Area

Olympia Scaffolding brings a wealth of experience to the construction sector, having successfully erected numerous temporary roofs across London, Berkshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, and Surrey, covering a 60-mile radius from Basingstoke. Our offerings include durable traditional corrugated sheet scaffolding solutions designed to withstand challenging weather conditions. For uniquely shaped roofs, we offer shrink wrap alternatives, delivering a precise surface tailored to any shape or size. Our collaborative approach involves working closely with you to plan and manage your project, with a primary focus on providing a temporary roof that ensures the safety of workers from external elements. To learn more or receive a FREE quotation for temporary roofs and temporary roof scaffolding, contact Olympia Scaffolding today at 01256 263858.

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Our customisable temporary roof installations cater to various spans and sizes, suitable for both small and large construction projects. With the ability to span distances up to 50m, these installations are often facilitated using a rolling track for construction ease. Olympia Scaffolding possesses extensive experience, knowledge, and industry certification to plan, manage, and install frameworks tailored to individual project requirements. Having successfully completed numerous temporary roofing projects, we take pride in delivering high-quality scaffolding services. Our approved contractors prioritise assessing your needs, providing specialised advice, and implementing effective strategies. We utilise top-quality materials to ensure durable, toughened, and secure temporary roofs capable of withstanding the challenging British weather, keeping your construction site dry year-round.

Why Choose Temporary Roofing?

Temporary roofing is essential for creating weather-protected coverings for various building projects, safeguarding your property and workers from adverse weather conditions, regardless of roof size. Given the frequent rainfall in the UK, a proactive approach to building protection is crucial. Olympia Scaffolding offers diverse temporary roofing options, including corrugated temporary roof covering with shrink wrap, catering to residential, commercial, and domestic properties for many years.

Types of Temporary Roofing:

Various options are available for different types of temporary roofing structures, including corrugated tin roofing or shrink wrap roofing ideal for smaller projects. Keder Roofing is another option, providing reusability and creating a well-lit working environment, a feature absent with corrugated iron sheets.

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Olympia Scaffolding has a proven track record of providing and installing various temporary roofing structures, maintaining a high level of service for commercial, domestic, and industrial clients. For more information, call us today at 01256 263858 or use our contact form, and we’ll respond promptly.

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