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Cantilever Scaffolding

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Here at Olympia Scaffolding, we offer comprehensive cantilever hanging scaffolding solutions, commonly used for maintenance and roofing on tall structures. Cantilevered hanging scaffolds are structures supported at one end only, eliminating the need for poles and frames in front of a building.

Our cantilever hanging scaffolding system comprises various components, ensuring effectiveness and safety in diverse building projects. The platform provides a sturdy surface for workers to perform tasks and manage supplies, with vertically attached platforms for added protection. Additionally, toe boards secure vital resources and equipment, preventing them from falling over the scaffolding. Protective rails are also included to prevent workers from falling off the platform during construction work at elevated levels.


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Cantilever hanging scaffolding finds extensive use in engineering and maintenance of high buildings and tall structures such as cathedrals, town halls, tower blocks, and churches. Prior to scaffold installation on such buildings, a thorough risk assessment ensures the building’s structural integrity and safety.

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