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Full building containment

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This is a important service provided by Olympia Scaffolding, ideal for preventing moisture or dust ingress and safeguarding the environment and exterior of a building or roof. This method allows project work to proceed even in adverse weather conditions. Our skilled team employs shrink wrapping to cover entire structures, offering numerous benefits such as complete environmental containment and maintaining a controlled environment for painting works. For more details, feel free to contact us today.

Typical applications of containment include shot blasting, asbestos removal, and concrete cutting. Shrink wrapping is chosen for full building encapsulation due to its ability to conform to any shape or structure, regardless of size or scale. Moreover, shrink wrapping is waterproof, ensuring optimal protection for project or construction work against harsh weather conditions. Full building encapsulation is commonly utilized in public buildings and collaborations with local authorities on bridges, railways, and more.


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The Process:

Our experienced team, with over two decades of expertise, follows a straightforward process for full building encapsulation. We start by hanging the shrink wrap sheeting around the elevations of scaffolding. The shrink wrapping is then stretched and adjusted around the building’s perimeter before being welded back on itself to provide a secure anchor point for the sheeting. Once the main structure is covered, we proceed to create the final seal.

Environmental Containment:

Individual sheets can be heated and welded together to create a continuous bonded skin around the scaffolding project. This environmental containment is crucial for projects and buildings where outdoor elements such as dust and debris must be kept at bay.

Why Choose Olympia Scaffolding?

With over two decades of experience, Olympia Scaffolding continues to offer unrivaled full building encapsulation services to customers within a 60-mile radius of Hook. Our skilled experts swiftly advise on the most suitable methods for securely completing the job, providing free competitive quotations. Contact us today via phone or our contact form to learn more or receive your free quotation.

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