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Dead Shores Scaffolding

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Olympia Scaffolding offers a comprehensive range of dead shores scaffolding solutions to support unstable structures effectively. Dead shores are crucial for providing temporary support to parallel walls that are at risk of collapsing, especially in buildings that are particularly fragile or susceptible to decay.

In addition, dead shores are commonly employed to bear vertical loads from walls, floors, and roofs, especially in commercial and industrial buildings where openings are being made in walls. This arrangement typically consists of beams and posts designed to support the structural weight and transfer it safely to the foundation below.


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The use of dead shores is prevalent in various settings, such as car parks undergoing strengthening works. In retail or commercial car parks, dead shores excel at supporting direct loads from above or dead weight, withstanding heavy loads of up to 30kn per square meter.

When creating openings in walls, the process involves drilling holes at a height suitable for inserting beams or girders that will permanently support the weight of the structure above. Beams, also known as needles, are inserted into these holes and supported on either side of the wall by vertical props called dead coasts. Needles can be crafted from wood or steel, provided they have sufficient strength to bear the load.

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