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Façade Retention

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Specialising in facade retention, Olympia Scaffolding collaborates with industrial and commercial clients to meet diverse facade preservation needs. Our expert team excels in executing intricate facade retention projects, particularly for listed buildings where exterior preservation is essential, while internal updates comply with modern health and safety standards.

Facade retention involves preserving a building’s exterior while enhancing its internal structure. If you need top-notch scaffolding solutions for your facade retention project, contact us today at 01256 263858 or through our online form.

When embarking on construction work to enhance the internal structure and remodel your project, Olympia Scaffolding is your reliable partner. We offer a combination of temporary work solutions, enabling workers to carry out their tasks effectively while maintaining facade retention.


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Our Commercial Scaffolding Services

Before determining the optimal facade retention solution and scaffolding system, we carefully assess key factors such as the overall structure, existing internal structure, foundation sizes, design considerations, and more. A support scaffolding system may be necessary to prevent excessive movement that could potentially damage the building’s facade. The chosen system also considers additional factors like wind loads and impact loads.

Types of Facade Retention:

Olympia Scaffolding provides scaffolding retention solutions, ideal for low-level facades (typically 3 to 4 storeys) with sufficient base space for installation.

Why Choose Olympia Scaffolding?

With years of experience in providing and installing various scaffolding systems for facade retention, Olympia Scaffolding is a trusted 5-star rated local company. Serving Greater London, Oxfordshire, Surrey, and surrounding areas, we have assisted numerous clients with facade retention, offering robust scaffolding systems for relevant work and remodeling.

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Reach out to our professional and friendly team at Olympia Scaffolding by calling 01256 263858 or using our online form. Expect a response within 24 hours.

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