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Which Projects Require Scaffolding?
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Although often overlooked, scaffolding is essential for a wide range of construction and maintenance projects. By providing a secure and temporary structure, our scaffolders allow safe access to otherwise inaccessible parts of your property, enabling important repairs to be undertaken with ease. Many clients in the Hampshire area are unsure of when to call a scaffolding company to assist with a building project. Here at Olympia Scaffolding, we have worked on hundreds of assignments, and are always happy to offer advice over the phone.

Providing domestic scaffolding, commercial scaffolding as well as specialist services such as solar panel scaffolding, our Basingstoke based team covers the wider Wokingham area.

To find out whether your plans require scaffold hire or similar services, why not get in touch with a friendly staff member today? Here is a short summary of projects that require scaffolding:

Maintenance and Painting

When painting the exterior of your property, you will often require scaffolding to provide short-term access to the visible parts of your home or business. Painter-decorators usually coordinate with scaffolding firms to erect a suitable platform that combines both practicality and safety.

Maintenance is also a common reason to hire a scaffolding company. For example, if you own a period property with authentic, timber barge boards, you will need to periodically refresh the wood to prevent long-term rot and decay.

Here at Olympia Scaffolding, we offer scaffold hire for jobs of any size, and will design a bespoke installation for your Wokingham property.

Home Improvement

Planning on adding an extra room to your home? This will more often than not warrant a scaffolding erection. Loft conversions, extensions and solar panel installations all require elevated access, and a domestic scaffolding structure is the safest choice to ensure a straightforward project.

Solar panel scaffolding is a great way to aid a panel technician, and our team have extensive experience with designing robust structures for solar panel maintenance and installations.

With commercial scaffolding, scaffold hire and other services all on offer, choose Olympia Scaffolding for a safe and affordable service in the Wokingham area.

Roof Repairs and Installations

When undertaking any maintenance or repairs on your roof, you should always arrange for a scaffolding installation. Whether you are repairing storm damage, replacing missing tiles or undertaking a complete roof replacement, scaffolding is essential.

A renowned scaffolding company for the Wokingham area, we provide solar panel scaffolding and other specialist services for projects of varying scales and complexity.

We deliver commercial scaffolding and domestic scaffolding solutions for all budgets, and offer labour only services alongside our scaffold hire.

Call now on 01256 263858 or 07796 904542 for more information on our domestic scaffolding and other services in the wider Wokingham area. We are a renowned scaffolding company in Hampshire and the surrounding areas.