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The Importance of Scaffolding
Commercial Scaffolding Services and Scaffold Hire in Bracknell


Here at Olympia Scaffolding, we are proud to provide an essential service for tradespeople in Bracknell and the surrounding areas. Our high quality commercial and domestic scaffolding erections allow for vital access to hard to reach areas of your property, and are available for an extremely affordable price. From bespoke solar panel scaffolding to large-scale temporary roofing, we meet your needs and quote to your budget for impressive results every time. 

A well-constructed commercial scaffolding installation can improve all aspects of a build, and we are pleased to offer scaffold hire for projects of any size or complexity.

The backbone of any elevated construction project, scaffolding is key to remaining safe whilst accessing the upper levels of a building. Here are three reasons why scaffolding is important:

Elevated Access

Perhaps the most obvious reason why scaffolding is important is the fact that it allows tradespeople to reach difficult areas of the property with ease. Components such as barge boards, third floor windows and guttering are all impossible to access from the ground, so scaffolding enables easy maintenance for a wide range of contractors.

Solar panel scaffolding allows technicians to install panels on your roof, and domestic scaffolding and commercial scaffolding function similarly, especially when tailored to the specific shape of your home or business.

Our scaffolding company understands the importance of helping tradespeople access your rooftop space, so we offer scaffold hire in Bracknell and the surrounding areas for a reasonable price.

Improved Safety

As mentioned above, scaffolding allows contractors to reach high-up areas, but, crucially, in a safe manner. Cleaning gutters with a ladder is much more dangerous than with scaffolding, especially on tall buildings.

By constructing a secure, regulation-compliant structure for our clients, we dramatically reduce the risk of falls from a height, which is a leading cause of workplace injury in the construction industry.

Not only does this protect employees, but it also protects passers by and pedestrians. This is especially relevant if you are working in a busy public area.

Greater Efficiency

Quality scaffolding allows for significantly increased efficiency, as workers can come and go as they please without worrying about the risk of falling from a height. A safe and secure access platform, commercial scaffolding and domestic scaffolding installations should provide the perfect working environment for your team.

Solar panel scaffolding and other bespoke configurations speed up technical processes by enabling full manoeuvrability, saving you on time and money.

For a premium scaffold hire experience in the Bracknell area, why not choose Olympia Scaffolding? A trusted scaffolding company, we cover Hampshire, Surrey, Berkshire and South East London with a range of quality services.

Call us today on 01256 263858 or 07796 904542 to discuss our scaffold hire and other commercial scaffolding services for properties across Bracknell and the surrounding areas.