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Three Hazards of Working on Scaffolding
Domestic and Commercial Scaffolding in Basingstoke and the Surrounding Areas


Like all manual trades, scaffolding comes with inherent risk and all scaffolders should be aware of the latest health and safety guidelines. From slipping and falling, to improper installation, it is imperative that tradespeople who work on scaffolding structures are aware of the dangers in order to avoid an unfortunate accident. Based in Basingstoke, Olympia Scaffolding is a premium scaffolding company that provides domestic and commercial scaffolding services for clients across the local area.

Whether you are in need of scaffold hire, solar panel scaffolding or just a labour only service, we are here to offer a full package of quality services at an affordable price.

To see images of the work we do for our clients, please visit our website gallery. Our employees are all CISRS trained and carry out meticulous risk assessments before commencing a commercial or domestic scaffolding erection. Here are three key hazards of working on scaffolding:

Extreme Weather

During periods of extreme weather, working on an elevated platform can become significantly more dangerous. For both small-scale domestic scaffolding and large commercial scaffolding, it is important that you make your own judgement on when conditions feel untenable.

All forms of scaffolding, from basic access towers to complex solar panel scaffolding, must be built to withstand extreme weather, but if you feel unsafe during periods of rain or high wind, exit the structure immediately.

For exceptional scaffold hire and other services from a quality scaffolding company in the Basingstoke area, choose Olympia Scaffolding.

Falling Objects

One of the most serious hazards is the risk of being hit by a falling object. When tradespeople are working on a building, tools and materials must be brought up to an elevated height, which poses an unavoidable risk.

To minimise the likelihood of a tile, hammer or piece of waste material falling from several stories above, it is important to consider whether your scaffolding require toe boards.

A quick and easy safety feature, by fastening a plank to the inside or outside of the structure, you will prevent any objects being kicked off the edge and hitting someone on the ground below. We always consider toe boards when designing structures in Basingstoke and the surrounding areas.

Falling from a Height

A clear risk of walking on an elevated platform is slipping or being knocked off the edge, and several steps must be taken to avoid this eventuality. Non-slip surfaces are a great way to increase friction in wet and slippery conditions, and guard rails provide waist-height protection.

For the safety of yourself and others, it is important that you are aware of these risks when working on or assembling domestic or commercial scaffolding.

Based in Basingstoke, our scaffolding company offers scaffold hire, solar panel scaffolding and other services for the wider Hampshire area. Our commercial and domestic scaffolding installations are the smart choice for clients across the South East.

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